Subtle Lip Can
Reflective Drime
The Peggy Lee Band
Ratchet Orchestra
Dixie's Death Pool
The Man With Flowering Hands
Aeroplane Trio
Naranja Ha
Subtle Lip Can
Subtle Lip Can
Gord Grdina Trio w/ Mats Gustafsson
Barrel Fire
Fond of Tigers
Continent & Western
Creesus Crisis
A Vacant Lot
Tommy Babin's Benzene
Your Body Is Your Prison
The Tony Wilson Sextet
The People Look Like Flowers At Last
Viviane Houle
Escape Through The Trees
The Perilous Beauty of Madness
Jim McAuley
The Ultimate Frog
The Peggy Lee Band
New Code
Butcher/Müller/van der Schyff
Way Out Northwest
Fond Of Tigers
Release the Saviours
The Furniture Moves Underneath
Tony Wilson 6tet
Pearls Before Swine
Escondido Dreams
ZMF Trio
Circle The Path
Francois Houle
Jesse Zubot
Fond Of Tigers
A Thing To Live With
Dark Blue World
Tony Wilson
Horse's Dream
Crouched Head
Crouched Head
The Winks/Tights
Split CD


1. Main Drag (mp3 excerpt)
2. Cozy Forever (mp3 excerpt)
3. Will We (mp3 excerpt)
4. Happy Princess
5. The Long Wait
6. Commercial Break
7. Out Of The Under The (mp3 excerpt)
8. Deep Creepy Trail
9. Smoke Clears?
10. Twenty-Nine

Listen to Inhabitants at:
Drip Audio
New Music Canada
An intriguing new group, Inhabitants surfaced from the depths of Vancouver's music underground in the spring of 2005 to release their self-titled debut on the Drip Audio imprint. Capturing the band's eclectic sound, the disc has garnered favourable reviews both locally and internationally. Described as "an aural introduction to a dream" by Down Beat, Inhabitants music draws inspiration from great innovators such as Ornette Coleman and Jimi Hendrix, and has been likened to electric-era Miles Davis and the instrumental post-rock of Tortoise and Godspeed You Black Emperor!. Rich sonic textures, subtle melodic ideas and a strong rhythmic sensibility are the signatures of the Inhabitants, winners of CBC's Galaxie Rising Star award at the 2005 Vancouver Int'l Jazz Festival.

All four Inhabitants are major contributors to Vancouver's creative music scene. Collectively the members of Inhabitants have worked with such diverse artists as Dave Douglas, Bill Laswell, Peggy Lee, FranÁois Houle, Ron Samworth, Tony Wilson, Wayne Horvitz, Steve Beresford, Wolfgang Fuchs, the NOW Orchestra, Josh Martinez, Kevin House and Submission Hold.

Recently, Inhabitants returned home from a successful tour of Germany. The highlight of the trip included an appearance at the acclaimed Moers Festival on June 3rd, 2006. Other acts at the festival included Peter Brotzmann, Jamie Lidell, Gonzales, Nils Petter Molvaer, Bill Laswell, Hamid Drake and many more.


"…raw vitality…spacious expressiveness…a sonic treat." –CODA

"...seamless, smooth and spacious, Inhabitants is a beautifully mature debut for a band we hope will be around for years to come." - The Georgia Straight/Vancouver

"...delicious state-of-the-art sampling of compelling contemporary improv." - Williamette Weekly/Portland, OR

"The blissful yet dissonant ambience and lightly shuffling grooves these young cats create may also induce chills in folks with lots of titles from the Constellation and Thrill Jockey labels in their collections." - The Stranger/Seattle, WA

“Occupying an aural meadow somewhere between Tortoise's TNT and In a Silent Way-era Miles Davis are The Inhabitants ." - Terminal City

"...strikes just the right balance between experimentation and structure." -

“...dense, mind-bending a jazz revolution waiting to happen.” - The Calgary Sun

Album Review: Down Beat & Coda Magazine
Interview - The Georgia Straight
Album Review: Textura


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