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Split CD

(high res cd cover here!)

No More Shapes
Creesus Crisis

1. White Chicks
2. Fat Kid (mp3 excerpt)
3. Say Chin
4. Invisible Glasses (mp3 excerpt)
5. If Only My Chin Had Eyes
6. Snake Legs (mp3 excerpt)
7. Twice Bitten
8. If Only... (2)
9. Tears of the Penix (mp3 excerpt)
10. New Years (Yves')

*co-release with Calgary's DARKER MYTHOLOGY!


Listen to No More Shapes at:

Creesus Crisis is the first full length recording by Calgary based trio NoMoreShapes, featuring Jay Crocker on guitar & electronics, J.C. Jones on trombone and Eric Hamelin on drums & percussion. NoMoreShapes was formed in 2007 through a series of early Bug Incision ( gigs and from tapes filled with seemingly unremarkable, sweaty keyboard & drum riffs (written & recorded by Eric Hamelin). These disparate motifs would turn out to be the starting point for the trio's music and within the year enough material for an album was developed.

Creesus Crisis explores territories such as small sound electronic improvisations to full on Ornette-ish like free bop, drawing from musical sources such as rock , pop, folk, jazz, free improvisation and noise. NoMoreShapes have previously shared bills with the Cowboy Junkies, ZMF trio (Jesse Zubot, Jean Martin, Joe Fonda), Copilots, Joe Sorbara, Josh Zubot, Chad VanGaalen and more. Live shows include original compositions and arrangements from such sources as Black Sabbath, Thelonius Monk and Steve Lacy.

Aside from his main gig as Chad VanGaalen’s drummer, Eric Hamelin has had the opportunity to collaborate with the Josh Zubot, Copilots, Jesse Zubot, Simon Fisk, Pierre-Yves Martel, Tania Gill, Lina Allemano, Chris Dadge, Darren Williams, Dave Chokroun and many more.

Jay Crocker produces his own solo pop and improv recordings, and has produced a hand full of albums for various bands and singer songwriters. Jay is also a member of the band Ghostkeeper (out on Flemish Eye). Crocker has shared the stage with Eric Chenaux, the Akron family and many others and is also a staple in the Calgary improv and noise scene.

J.C. Jones has played/recorded with a host of wide-ranging acts such as Ryan Bourne to Chamber Graffiti and has also recently been featured as a harpist/vocalist on a Smithsonian compilation documenting Welsh folk music.


"The album has a likably garagey sound as the trio hustles through moody, splintery bop and clattery rock." - The New York Times

"Creesus Crisis shows creatively orchestrated compositions and mature, cogent improvisation skills from three fine emerging musicians." - Exclaim!

" mad scientists turned loose in the lab, feeding off one each others’ talents and eccentricities until you swear you think they are at least a quartet." - Pop Matters

"...imbued with enough unpredictable twists and turns to keep any beatnik or bopper on their toes." - FFWD Weekly

"It's a gas!" - Foxy Digitalis

"With all the energy of the three players bundled, the players move very decisively towards their target." - Vital Weekly

"...a short, sharp, very effective album..." - Paris Transatlantic Magazine

"...this collective could be equally comfortable in a jazz club or in experimental rock circles..." - Signal to Noise

"...poised approach. Nice debut!" - Free Jazz (Blog)

"...restless and dynamic..." - The Sound Projector

"This trio is clearly at home on Drip Audio." - Monsieur Delire (François Couture)

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