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Subtle Lip Can
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ZMF Trip - Circle The Path
  ZMF Trio
Circle The Path

1. Low, Dark & Slow- 4:45
2. Circle - 4:05 (mp3 excerpt)
3. Slow Blues - 6:30 (mp3 excerpt)
4. #135 - 9:10 (mp3 excerpt)
5. Next Step - 7:58

6. The Path - 4:31
7. Mishap - 0:39
8. Wild Horse - 6:08 (mp3 excerpt)
9. Roll - 8:00
10. Low, Dark & Slow (Reprise) - 1:49


Circle The Path straddles the line somewhere between old-school free jazz, contemporary improvisation, the blues, and standard composition. Despite it’s uncompromising and aggressive tendencies, Circle The Path manages to reach moments of serene beauty and contemplation. The recording was created a mere 4 days after the groups first moments of making music together; a youthful and dangerous spirit is contained within. Circle The Path was recorded in Vancouver, BC one day in the spring of 2005 at the Factory Studios and was mixed by Chon (Ox, Joe Keithley, The Buttless Chaps, The Be Good Tanyas) at Profile. Chon’s unique and somewhat underground approach gives the album an almost punk-like edge.

ZMF Trio is comprised of Jesse Zubot (violin/Vancouver), Jean Martin (drums/Toronto) and Joe Fonda (bass/NewYork). This unique mix of musicians came about through an informal introduction of Jesse to Joe by Ken Pickering, artistic director of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, a few years back. Jesse and Joe hit it off and immediately decided they needed to make music together.

Joe Fonda (bass) is an accomplished international jazz artist who has performed with his own ensembles and as a side man with Archie Shepp, Kenny Barron, Leo Smith, Dave Douglas, Curtis Fuller, Mark Whitecage and many others. Fonda was the bassist with the renowned Anthony Braxton sextet, octet, tentet, from 1984 through 1999. Currently Fonda has been recording and touring extensively with the Fonda-Stevens Group, Conference Call (w/Han Bennick) and The FAB Trio, featuring the legendary Billy Bang (violin) and Barry Altschul (drums).

Jesse Zubot (violin) is a founding member of renowned acoustic instrumentalists Zubot & Dawson and The Great Uncles of the Revolution. Both groups are Juno Award winners (Canada). In the past few years, he has delved heavily into the world of improvised & creative music having worked with François Houle, Peggy Lee, Dylan van der Schyff, Eugene Chadbourne, Fred Frith, Dave Douglas, Nels Cline, Tony Wilson, David Tronzo, Humcrush, Secret Mommy, Matthew Bourne, Henry Kaiser and many others. His recent solo release, Dementia, was described by Paris Transatlantic Magazine as “...the kind of thing that could permamently alter your neurons.”

Jean Martin’s unique drumming style has enabled him to work with great artists such as Mark Dresser, Don Byron, John Oswald, Wilbert de Joode, Lori Freedman, Jean Derome, Justin Haynes, Chelsea Bridge, DD Jackson, Frank Gratowski and many others. He co-leads the group Barnyard Drama with vocal art explorer Christine Duncan. Their recent recording, I’m A Navvy, was picked by Exclaim! Magazine as one of the top ten Experimental/Avant-Garde albums of 2006. Jean’s other recent release, Idiolalla, is on the Ambiances Magnétiques label.


"...well crafted and spontaneously realised. " - Exclaim!

"Breathtaking." - Left Hip Magazine

"...a Revolutionary Ensemble for liberal Vancouver." - The Village Voice

"...delightfully beyond category." - All About Jazz

"...the Avant-Garde...still possesses genuine artists such as the ZMF Trio..." - Cadence

"...this captivating experimental jazz trio is the cat’s meow." -

"...a terrific debut." - Paris Transatlantic Magazine

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